American Aberdeen Association rules require the seller to transfer registration papers to the new owner at the seller’s expense. It is important for the seller to transfer registration papers as soon as the transaction is complete. Be sure to include service information for a bred female so the new owner can register that calf when it is born.

Timely and accurate transfer of registration papers leads to a satisfied customer who is much more likely to be repeat customer. It also supports your association and the value of registered American Aberdeen cattle.


When purchasing American Aberdeen cattle, it is important to be sure the cattle are registered before you buy. You can ask the seller for the registration numbers of the cattle for sale and you can look up the cattle in our online registry.

The seller should transfer the registration papers to you promptly after your transaction is complete at their expense. They should also fill in the service information for bred females so you can register the calves when they are born.

Only the owner of the dam of an animal at the time of birth can register that animal, so buying unregistered cattle is really just purchasing commercial cattle. After an unsatisfactory experience where registration papers are never completed by the seller, a buyer has little recourse. A reliable seller will have their cattle registered before they are sold and will be happy to share that information with potential buyers and transfer the papers promptly. A happy buyer is a potential repeat customer!