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American Aberdeen cattle are easy calving, good natured cattle that are very feed efficient and maintain themselves on grass. They have excellent taste, texture and tenderness beef characteristics and exceptional ribeye area per hundred pounds of body weight which translates to very high yielding, high quality, high value beef carcasses.

American Aberdeen cattle answer the challenges of both the large scale rancher and the small acreage farmers.
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Remember the last time an appliance went out at your house? While shopping at the store for the necessary dishwasher or clothes dryer, you probably noticed the Energy Star label. The yellow sticker showed you an estimate of how much you would save by buying Model A instead of Model B. Most likely, you probably looked for a quality appliance that would last a long time and cost less to operate.

Wouldn’t the cattle business be easier if each cow or bull had a yellow sticker showing how much less it would cost to maintain that animal? If you’re like most ranchers selling on a price-per-pound basis, increased ranch profitability often centers around producing a quality animal while minimizing expenses and losses. Minimizing those losses starts with a healthy, live calf.

“I’ve never made a dime off a dead baby calf,” longtime cattlemen Kirk Duff said of his reason to use Aberdeen bulls to increase calving ease. Duff said he had grown tired of staying up all night babying first calf heifers during calving season. Duff is now breeding all his Angus and Red Angus herds to Aberdeen bulls. Most of the calves are falling within a 60- to 70-lb. birth weight. Read More…

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Time to start planning for the National Aberdeen Show and Sale in Denver, CO. See the schedule and reserve your hotel room.

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