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American Aberdeen cattle are easy calving, good natured cattle that are very feed efficient and maintain themselves on grass. They have excellent taste, texture and tenderness beef characteristics and exceptional ribeye area per hundred pounds of body weight which translates to very high yielding, high quality, high value beef carcasses.

American Aberdeen cattle answer the challenges of both the large scale rancher and the small acreage farmers.
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American Aberdeen Association News...

We are pleased to announce that the American Aberdeen Association is getting a new website!  The new website will be a modern, professional website designed to take the American Aberdeen breed into the future. Look for the new website in soon.

The Northeast Aberdeen Association has now merged with the Eastern Aberdeen Association. The American Aberdeen Association now encompasses 4 regions. See the map and more info here

It’s important that breeders plan ahead for increased turnaround times for parent verification. Currently the turnaround time for processing tsu/hair/blood samples for parent verification is 4-6 weeks at Neogen. Additionally, the office needs 2 weeks for processing and handling your orders. This means that total turnaround time for parent verification is currently up to 8 weeks.

Please take care to submit the necessary and correct information with your samples. Incorrect or insufficient information will increase the turnaround time.

Here’s our newest membership directory. Download it here

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