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American Aberdeen cattle are easy calving, good natured cattle that are very feed efficient and maintain themselves on grass. They have excellent taste, texture and tenderness beef characteristics and exceptional ribeye area per hundred pounds of body weight which translates to very high yielding, high quality, high value beef carcasses.

American Aberdeen cattle answer the challenges of both the large scale rancher and the small acreage farmers.
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American Aberdeen Association News...

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Lawrence, KS
June 25-29, 2019

2019 AJAA Nationals Packet – Includes Schedule, Rules, Entry Forms, Host Hotel, Junior Board Application, Queen and Princess Application and More

There are several committees with meeting minutes posted. Stay up to date with what’s happening. Committees are located under the “About” link.

The AAA Board has voted to move ahead with a registration moratorium for Fullblood registrations. The fee to register any Fullblood animal until December 31, 2019 will be reduced to $20.

See all AAA Board Meeting Minutes here.

It was adopted at the Annual Meeting in Denver to restructure the leadership model for the Association. It is a “grassroots” movement that will encourage our membership to participate in the decision making process. Currently, regional Presidents have been working diligently to capture the essence of the structure and are having meetings, recruiting their membership and collaborating almost daily so that they fill the voting positions with the best possible candidates to represent their regions.

The structure (brief overview)…

Any member in good standing with the AAA can participate in the committee meetings and potentially serve as the designated representative for their region. Every active member will have a voice through committee participation. It is your responsibility to contact the regional presidents and disclose your willingness to serve. It is also your responsibility to participate in the meetings to let your voice be heard. The best ideas will come from our membership. Please become active in the process.

The regions are responsible to designate their voting member. This member needs to look forward, critically evaluate the visions of the committee and make recommendations that will benefit the ENTIRE association. Each region will only have one committee vote on any resolution(s) that will be presented to the Associations BOD for action. The resolutions will be presented in writing to the BOD and acted on in the next scheduled BOD meeting.  The flow of information will be through and the responsibility of the voting member. Committees are the legs of the association.

National Board of Directors
The role of the BOD is to oversee and keep the breed moving in a positive direction. It is the duty of the National Board to evaluate these resolutions based on what is fiscally responsible and in the best interests of all of the members of the AAA.  A currently sitting BOD member will be the chair person for each committee but will not have a vote on that committee. The committee (BOD) chairperson is responsible for recording and presenting committee ideas and resolutions to the Associations BOD for action. The committee actions will be ACCEPTED and implemented, DENIED with explanation, DELAYED with explanation by the BOD. It is our objective to encourage a two way sharing of information and ideas to direct our organization.

We have a lot of work to do. It is time to unify. It is time to look forward. It is time for us to strategically plan our success as an association. It will take all of our best efforts to move forward with a unified direction and purpose. It will be difficult in the onset but will make us resilient as an association. The BOD looks forward to serving you, our members, and are excited for the future of YOUR association.

Craig Walker, President


It’s a great time to join and get involved in your regional associations:

Eastern Aberdeen Association

Midwest Aberdeen Association
Meets 1st Sunday of the month at 8pm.

Northeast Aberdeen Association

Southern Aberdeen Breeders Association

Western Aberdeen Breeder’s Association
Regular meetings are 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm PST.

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