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· How to Tattoo Cattle

· How to Use AI Certificates

· How to Collect and Submit DNA (Hair, TSU or Blood Samples):
1: Get a DNA Kit from the American Aberdeen Association®.

To get a kit: Order Online Here or access it from the Home page → Resources/Online Payments

2. Once you have received your DNA kit, obtain a blood sample, TSU or hair sample.
See How to collect DNA from Cattle

Cattle over 6 months – you will need a hair sample, blood sample or a TSU (Tissue Sampling Unit).
Cattle under 6 months – you will need a blood sample or a TSU (Tissue Sampling Unit).

For info on how to obtain hair, TSU, blood or semen samples, see the article – DNA Sampling Instructions

3. Then submit DNA and Register Cattle
For instructions see the Register Cattle page and go to step #3




When you’re selling cattle, a customer service practice that works very well for both the seller and the buyer is that the seller transfers registration papers. If you make it a habit that as soon as you receive money and the bill of sale, you send off the registration certificate to get transferred, then the sale is complete and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Sometimes buyers don’t get around to transferring registration until a year or two later and at that point may have lost the registration papers. This means you as the seller have to go about getting papers so you can sign and transfer them over. It can be a hassle for both of you trying to get everything done months or years after the cattle were actually sold. So give it a try, your buyers will thank you!