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The role of committees is to:
1) Divide up the work of the organization
2) Expedite work by removing routine tasks from monthly board consideration
3) Utilize members specific talents and knowledge
4) Permit broader participation by all members
5) Create a place where all members’ voices can be heard

Functional committees insure that the board can focus on the bigger picture, while giving members a pathway to voice their ideas.


• Breeder Services/Commercial Committee
Chairs: Craig Walker, Gary Gilbert, Kenny Hinds, Neil Effertz

• Bylaw, Rules & Resolution Committee
Chairs: Darwin Engelkes/Allen Sieverkrop

Mission Statement
To oversee the maintenance of the American Aberdeen Association Bylaws and Rules so they are clear and effective in guiding the association; to recognize the need for amendment of Bylaws and rule changes to keep the association current and moving forward in a positive manner; provide interpretation of the meaning when needed.

Meeting Minutes

• Finance Committee
Chair: Neil Effertz

Meeting Minutes

• International Committee
Chair: Kenny Hinds

• Juniors Committee: 
Chair: Kenny Hinds

Mission Statement
Help mentor and grow the Jr Aberdeen Association through positive avenues.

Meeting Minutes

• National Show/Sale Committee
Chair: Rob Fanning

• President/Nomination Committee
Chair: Gary Gilbert

Mission Statement
The American Aberdeen Presidents Committee strives to bring cohesiveness to the American Aberdeen Membership.  We do so by Regional Presidents Networking Together, Sharing Strengths, Sharing Opportunities, Discussing Goals and Adding Value to Membership. We maintain a mindset for the daily operations of respective regions along with transparency to our Members.  We look forward to collectively working together in Making the American Aberdeen Association a Strong Organization for years to come.


1 Year Plan

  1. Increase Regional Membership for all Regionals
  2. All Committees in Place and operating
  3. Increase Communication Between Regions and AAA BOD’s

Quarterly Rocks

  1. 1st Quarter
    1. National Committees Representatives in Place
    2. Defined Roles of Committee Established
    3. Mission Statement Selected
  2. 2nd Quarter
    1. Meeting Agenda During Jr Nationals
  3. 3rd Quarter
  4. 4th Quarter
    1. Preparing for National Meeting
    2. Accessing National Committee Representatives

Issues List

  1. Diversity of Regions
  2. Diversity within Regions
  3. Size of Regions
  4. Past negativity
    5. Lawsuits or litigation

Meeting Minutes

• Promotions/Ledger Committee
Chairs: Allen Sieverkrop/Neil Effertz

Meeting Minutes

• Strategic Planning
Chair: Darwin Engelkes

Mission Statement
To work with the American Aberdeen Association Board of Directors throughout the strategic planning process and in between planning cycles, including but not limited to: connect with members to ensure an inclusive planning process utilizing cohesive communication between standing committees and Regional Associations, monitor the implementation strategy for the current strategic plan, to communicate the goals of the plan and the planning process to the general membership, and to encourage members to take an active role in helping American Aberdeen Association achieve its goals.

Meeting Minutes