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Please contact the committee chairman if you would like to be on their committee.




National Sale Committee

Rob Fanning – Co-Chairman

Craig Walker – Co-Chairman

Larry Watkins

Mike Hudlow

John Reed

Jerry Adamson

David Miller


Show Committee

Wade Coffey – Co-Chairman

Darwin Engelkes – Co-Chairman

Brad Tummons

Neil Effertz

Chris Spear

Janis Black

Todd Bohlmeyer

Jacqui Duran

Rob Fanning

Dean Pike


Breeder Services Committee

David Shockey – Co-Chairman

Neil Effertz– Co-Chairman

Dean Pike

Wade Coffey

Nick Wells

Dr. McCarthy

Rick Lloyd

Mark Giles

Leslie Boyles

Todd Bohlmeyer

Gary Gilbert

Chriss Payne

Chet Burroughs


Registry Sub Committee

Sherry Doubet – Chairman

Jan Effertz       Janis Black

Todd Bohlmeyer


How to Video Sub Committee

Wade Coffey

Neil Effertz

Dean Pike


Regional Association Committee

Gary Gilbert Co-Chairman

David Shockey Co-Chairman

MWAA – Curtis Ohlde

SABA – Bill Cabaniss

WABA – Jacqui Duran

ELAA –  Heather Fanning


Junior Committee

Shane Goss – Chairman

Darwin Engelkes – Board Liaison


National Meeting & Hotel Committee

Rick Dodd – Chairman

Janis Black

Sherry Doubet


Promotion & Ledger Committee

Neil Effertz – Co-Chairman

Craig Walker – Co-Chariman

Larry Watkins

Jan Effertz

Janis Black

David Shockey

Wade Coffey

Kirk Duff

Chris Spear


Resolution Committee

Janis Black – Co-Chairman

Gary Gilbert – Co-Chairman

Wade Coffey



Breed Representatives

Colorado State Fair – Shane Goss

Houston – Pat Ahr & Bill Cabaniss

Iowa Beef Expo – Kevin Litchfield & Matt Reinken

Iowa State Fair – Doug Dodd

American Royal –   Brad Tummons & Curtis Ohlde

NAILE – Heather Fanning

Northwest Aberdeen Classic – Jacqui Duran

NWSS – Rob Fanning

Ohio Beef Expo – Trish Fulmer & Eric Bruns

Tulsa State Fair – Wade Coffey &   Greg Crowley

World Beef Expo – Kim Esser

NILE – David Shockey


Strategic Planning Committee

Craig Walker – Co Chair

Darwin Engelkes – Co Chair

Neil Effertz
Eric Devyst
Gary Gilbert

Bylaw & Rule Review Committee

Janis Black – Co Chair
Darwin Engelkes

Larry Watkins—Co Chair
Rob Fanning
Neil Effertz
Eric Kyllo
Gary Gilbert
David Shockey
Wade Coffey

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