2024 dues were due December 31, 2023.

Greetings Aberdeen Members!

The AAA is very excited to have each and every one of you using the new On-Line Registry System. We are so very proud to be able to offer this full-service system to you.

2024 will be the first full year of this system. We only started a few short months ago and have made tremendous progress. I want to thank those of you who have been testers for the new system and have helped in making improvements or even spotting “bugs” that need to be corrected.

One of our AAA Members let us know the Dues Renewal function was not working properly. Apparently, the system is not letting current users pay the dues by going to the Member Section and clicking on Dues Renewal. AAA does have a short-term solution for you while our programmers fix up the Dues Renewal section.

If you would like to pay your dues on line, simply send an email to [email protected].
1) Put “Dues Billing” in the Subject Line
2) In the email, send your AAA Member number and ask for Dues Billing

AAA staff will initiate your account so you can make the 2024 payment.

You may also renew your dues with a check through USPS. Go here for more info: https://americanaberdeen.com/about/join-renew-now/

Again, we thank you so much using the Aberdeen Online Registry System.

Happy Holidays,

Sherry Doubet