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Fullblood Bulls posted: 12/14/2018
We have sold all of our females and now need to move our sweet bull "Honey Jack" to a new herd. His Sire is Beau Tox and his Dam is Autumn. His Registration Number is FM5152. He has been an excellent producer for us and we HATE to see him go, but we have sold our herd so that we can relocate to another State. He is a fierce protector of his offspring, most often he was the baby sitter while the Moms grazed. He is super gentle and comes to me most times quicker than my horses! He will make someone a great bull.

Contact Info:

Jeff Segroves
Southern Hearts Ranch
18180 Tillman Mill Road
Athens, AL 35614
(770) 654-9115

Purebred American Aberdeen Heifers


Purebred Females posted: 12/10/2018
I have two 2018 heifers for sale. Both born around the first of March. Sire is fullblood, dams are 88%. Can be registered. Keeping the bull, so the heifers must go.

Contact Info:

Everett De Witt

Midwest, WY 82643
(307) 437-6305

Cattle for Sale


Fullblood Females posted: 12/10/2018
Cattle for sale: Fullbloods, Percentage bloods. Need to reduce herd. Call 308-529-2771 for more information and prices.

Contact Info:

Edward Kinish
Prime Cut Lowlines
209 South Locust Street
Brady, NE 69123
(308) 530-4936

2018 Calves & More Stock Available

$500 and up

Moderator Females posted: 12/06/2018
Stock for Sale:
Two 2018 bull/steer weanlings.
3-year old pasture exposed cow.
Yearling heifer.
Photo is of their sire FM4356.
Located in southern Vermont.
Email for details.

Contact Info:

Hallie Goetz
Northeast Lowlines
PO Box 13
Danby, VT 05739
(802) 293-5783



Fullblood Bulls posted: 12/06/2018
QGF02B UTAH FM 25794
Born 7-20-14
Keeping Heifers Need new bull

Contact Info:

Clyde Hicks
Clyde and Judy Hicks
1599 U.S. Highway 62 West
Cynthiana, KY 41031
(859) 588-5095

DF Waltzing Matilda


Purebred Females posted: 12/06/2018
Fine healthy friendly purebred heifer, PF36210, DF Waltzing Matilda, b 9-27-17, dam Dayspring’s Gladys, sire MCR Standing Bear. We deliver in the Northeast.

Contact Info:

Helen Dunlap
Dunlap Farm
430 Marsh Hill Rd.
Dracut, MA 01826 - 1418
(978) 453-9982

Fullblood females


Wanted posted: 11/25/2018
Looking for a couple of Fullblood females in Wisconsin. Prefer a couple of 2018 heifers but will consider others. Looking for some nice ones to build a herd around.

Contact Info:

Scott Vanden Heuvel
Vanden Heuvel Farm
PO Box 134
Seymour, WI 54165
(920) 378-6667

Fullblood Bull


Fullblood Bulls posted: 11/21/2018
Nice thick very small framed (34") 2 yr. old bull. By Fairwyn's Legacy 101L out of a Midshipman cow.

Contact Info:

Louise B. Linton ,DVM
2L Cattle
23999 Deter Ranch Rd.
Lakeview, OR 97630
(541) 947-5435

6 month old heifer


Purebred Females posted: 11/19/2018
Nice 6 month old heifer for sale. 1/4 Black Angus, 3/4 American Aberdeen. Registration pending. $1,300

Grass fed 13 month old steer $1,200

Contact Info:

Jeff Frankum
Beaverdam Angus
Monroe, GA 30656
(470) 236-8688



Fullblood Females posted: 11/15/2018
Aberdeen (Lowline) fullblood herd dispersal (due to health reasons). Located in Colorado. We have 9 red females form the Bess 102 outcross line ranging from 6 month to 8 years. (Foundation cow North Dakota Red (FM12958). Marbling MGV 83.73, Tenderness MGV -0.10. There are 7 black cows carrying the red gene. One of the best red bulls in the industry (FM29899) has been with these cows since May of 2018. Herd includes a red yearling bull, and a yearling daughter form North Dakota Red carrying a e/e red gene. You can buy the cattle individually for $63,000.00 or the whole herd for $48,000.00. Email for a list of the fullblood cows and fullblood bull.

Contact Info:

Cletus Bissell

Delta, CO 81416
(970) 216-2045


$1550.00 Each

Cattle Sales/Auctions posted: 11/15/2018
Four bred Red Angus yearling heifers (product of 46 years of artificially breeding). These heifers are bred to Red Angus Aberdeen bull for March - April calves.

Contact Info:

Cletus Bissell

P.O. Box 798
Delta, CO 81416
(970) 216-2045


$2000 & Up

Cattle Sales/Auctions posted: 11/14/2018
We have approximately 80 head of registered, fullblood, Aberdeen cattle. I have spent the last several years attending shows and auctions across the US to study the breed and breeders to assemble a high quality herd with genetic diversity.

We make every effort to do as much as we can to make you more successful by:
- DNA testing and registering cattle prior to sale
- vaccinating and worming 1-2 times a year
- BVD checking all of our cattle
- providing copy of pregnancy reports from A&M on bred females
- performing seasonal breeding for spring or fall calves to avoid hot summers in Texas
- utilizing multiple bulls for herd diversification

Let me know what you are looking for, and I will let you know what I have that may meet your needs. Have everything from 6-18 month old heifers, to exposed heifers/cows, to verified bred heifers/cows and some pairs. Prices range from $2000 and up.

1. FM24795 - Jackaroo's Royal Ryder - DOB 06/04/14 - $4000
This is a direct son of Jackaroo with an incredible pedigree. Semen from Jackaroo just sold at the Missouri sale for $900 PER STRAW. He is a sweetheart. I have had him since he was born. Loves to be brushed.
2. FM 24394 - 7C Boonedock 104B - DOB 09/20/14 - $3500
This is a son of MRG Peter. Check out his pedigree. Easy going bull. Prior owner paid $6000 for him when he was about 18 months old and sold to me due to owner's illness.
3. FM33249 - AD Edison (Red Tag 5) - DOB 03/10/17 - $2250
4. FM33250 - AD Easton (Red Tag 6) - DOB 03/11/17 - $2250
5. FM34852 - AD Emmett (Red Tag 14)- DOB 07/22/17 - $2250

Cattle are located near Brenham, TX.

Contact Info:

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek, TX 78612
(512) 565-4095



Moderator Bulls posted: 11/14/2018
1. Bar N Surprise - MM34771 - Moderator Plus - DOB 07/31/17
Black baldie with black rings around eyes. Dam is fullblood Aberdeen. Sire is registered Hereford. Laid back and easy going young bull. Naturally polled. $2000

2. AD Enzo - MM33251 - Moderator Plus - DOB 03/28/17
This guy is gorgeous and a real sweetheart. You can pet him, brush him, and approach him anywhere in pasture. Great leader to move cattle from pasture to pasture. His sire is a gorgeous brangus bull. His dam is a beautiful British white (park)/Aberdeen cross (50%/50%). Must go to a good home. Have had lots of calves and this is a special one and will make someone a wonderful herd sire. Naturally polled. $2500

Cattle are located near Brenham, TX.

Contact Info:

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek, TX 78612
(512) 565-4095

Red Fullblood Bull


Fullblood Bulls posted: 10/29/2018
FM 29895 e/e bull throws nice calves

Contact Info:

Jeff Burch
Jeff Burch
N6200 Co Hwy K
Spooner wi, WI 54801
(715) 296-2038

Grand Champion for sale

$3500. obo

Fullblood Bulls posted: 10/18/2018
Fullblood Bull for sale, Grand Champion B&B RED ROCKY,REG#13515, Not only is he a superb individual he has produced Champions and many show winners, I had him collected and had several comments how sound he is, the most docile bull we have ever owned, have used him on my full bloods and registered shorthorns, all nice thick calves, $3500 or best offer, we are starting to wean and i have some great heifers and bulls on the ground for sale, some sired by rocky and a lot of top bulls in the country

Contact Info:

david brewster
Michigan Cattle Company
6386 e. peavey st
walkerville, MI 49459
(231) 854-0478

For Sale


Purebred Females posted: 10/18/2018
Born 3/20/17 Black Polled Purebred carries red gene Sire PM25661 Texas Red Pepper. Dam FF21612 JKR Little Lady

Contact Info:

Kelly Stoy

Pilot Point , TX 76258
(940) 765-4227

Red Fullblood Heifers and Bulls

$2,000 and up

Fullblood Females posted: 10/12/2018
Two beautiful red 12-month heifers for sale. (Pictured)

One fullblood red bull, 12 months.

One half-blood Aberdeen/Red Angus moderator bull, 12 months.

All are registered.

Contact Info:

Joe Walsky
Opal Springs Farm LLC
2123 Pauline Daniels Rd.
Elberton, GA 30635
(770) 713-9457

Fullblood Heifer


Fullblood Females posted: 10/12/2018
Beautiful Heifer calf born 3/15/18 reg #38007 her dam is Grand Champion FCC LUCY,her sire iS TL GAME DAY,Show her then breed her, look close at her pedigree , lots of cow power on both sides, will be weaning her any day

Contact Info:

david brewster
Michigan Cattle Company
6386 E. Peavey st
walkerville, MI 49459
(231) 854-0478

Fullblood Bull For Sale


Fullblood Bulls posted: 10/08/2018
FM29365 4 year old Full Blood Bull Son of Yarra Ranges Jackaroo. Very gentle, loves apple slices. He gave us 9 bulls and 8 heifers this past spring. Hate to see him go.

Contact Info:

Lon Thompson
Mohcan Valley Farms, LLC
21897 RAVIN RD
(740) 404-2350

Herd reduction

$1,200 and up

Purebred Females posted: 10/03/2018
Percentage purebred cows; some with calves and bred back for 2019. All have been running with the bull for the current season. Some weanlings available $500 and up. Need to reduce herd.

Contact Info:

Joan Wurst Wurst
Everwind Ranch
15871 Sturgis Road
Union City, PA 16438
(814) 434-4580

Aberdeen Starter Package


Purebred Females posted: 09/24/2018
Perfect Aberdeen Starter Package for a new herd. DF Waltzing Matilda PF36210, b 9-27-17, and her best buddy DF Tardiboy (who will be registered if sold), b (a week late) 12-1-17. Her sire MCR Standing Bear, dam Dayspring’s Gladys; his sire MCR Overdrive, dam Wyndham Classic 08R. Both fine friendly animals! We deliver in New England.

Contact Info:

Helen Dunlap
Dunlap Farm
430 Marsh Hill Rd.
Dracut, MA 01826 - 1418
(978) 453-9982

FullBlood Herd Reduction

$500 and up

Cattle Sales/Auctions posted: 09/10/2018
**Herd Reduction - Fullblood Steer and Bull Calves, Plus some herd bulls**

Aged from weaning to just over one year. Calf pricing from $500 and up without registration. Registration negotiable. Baldy also from a registered FB and registered Hereford. All bred and raised on property to see and grass fed.

Last, but not least two herd bulls also available. Our lead herd bull, Fernando, has been a great producer and very gently, however too many of his offspring from last several years so we need to swap out. Also a 2 year old now ready to take a lead. Both DNA tested and registered.

Mike and Kelley Kincade
3 Heifers & a Bull Ranch
New Waverly, Texas

Fernando FM15310 DOB 04/01/11 $2000 obo Blood line; Double J’s The Brick , Colombo Park Zeffirelli
Uno FM33051 DOB 09/21/16 $1500 obo

Bull Calves
Ocho 902f/avail DOB 7/2/18
Siete 182f/avail DOB 6/20/18
Seis 62f/avail DOB 5/27/18
Diez 33f/avail DOB 8/12/18
Nueve 31f/avail DOB 7/19/18 FB however can only register as moderator
Baldy d1 DOB 6/8/18

Steer Calves
Quatro 32e DOB 7/27/17
Dos 61e DOB 5/22/17
Tres 71e DOB 6/25/17
Cinco 261e DOB 10/3/17 Very small, negotiable

Contact Info:

Mike qnd Kelley Kincade Kincade

New Waverly, TX (512) 586-1698

Fullblood and Moderator Cow Calf Packages

Starting at $2500

Fullblood Females posted: 08/07/2018
Aging and need to downsize. Excellent bloodlines. These are very good cattle and they are priced to move.

3 way packages (Fullblood and Moderator) with bred female and calf at side starting at $2500.

Bred yearling heifers (Fullbloods and Moderators) starting at $1500.

Call or email for a complete sales list.

Contact Info:

Bill and Donna Boekel
Cloverdale Farms

Rathdrum, ID (208) 772-5191

2018 Tunk Mountain Ranch Offering

Upon Request

Fullblood Bulls posted: 07/16/2018
TMR IT'S A DIRTY GAME (FM33868) DOB:4/6/17
TL The Game Changer x MCR Down N' Dirty

Exceptional opportunity for a future herdsire.
Stacked pedigree on both sides.

Contact for pricing and additional information.

Contact Info:

Darren & Katherine Wise
Tunk Mountain Ranch
1765 Tunk Creek Road
Riverside, WA 98849
(509) 846-3013
tunkmountainranch@ live.com

2018 Tunk Mountain Ranch Offerings

Upon Request

Fullblood Females posted: 07/16/2018

Cow/calf pairs, bred heifers and 2018 calves sired by MCR BOOMERANG(FM28487).

TMR SHE'S DIRTY (FF30047) DOB: 2/25/16
MCR Overdrive x MCR Down N' Dirty
*MCR Boomerang Bull calf by her side.
*Bred to TMR Outrageous (FM33866)

TMR OWN IT (FF33865) DOB: 4/3/17
TL The Game Changer x Bev Kerosene
*Bred to MCR No Limits (FM27765)

TMR SASSY'S GAME (FF27342) DOB: 3/2/15
TL The Game Changer x Kobblevale Sassy
*MCR Boomerang Bull calf by her side.
*Bred to MCR No Limits (FM27765)

TMR PLAY ON (FF33864) DOB: 4/26/17
MCR Overdrive x TMR Sassy's Game
*Bred to MCR No Limits (FM27765)

TMR SHEAR MADNESS (FF29623) DOB: 3/26/16
KBW Uff Da X JE U-Lilly
*MCR Boomerang Bull calf by her side.
*Bred to MCR No Limits(FM27765)

BEV GUNPOWDER & LEAD (FF32330) DOB: 4/30/16
JH Mister Jack 5A x JE U-Lilly
*MCR Boomerang Bull calf by her side.
*Bred to MCR No Limits (FM27765)

**Additional calves sired by MCR Boomerang and out of Exceptional cow families including Fairwyn's Santana, JE U-Lilly and Kobblevale Sassy will be available in September/October.

*Contact for pricing and additional information. Package pricing available.

Contact Info:

Darren & Katherine Wise
Tunk Mountain Ranch
1765 Tunk Creek Road
Riverside, WA 98849
(509) 846-3075

Super Opportunity!

Call, text or email for price

Fullblood Females posted: 06/29/2018
Super opportunity!
FCC Lucy and Her Heifer Calf
2017 National Reserve Grand Champion FB Female with her heifer calf by ICU Money Train and pasture exposed back to Money Train.

ICU Money Train was the 2016 National Reserve Grand Champion FB Bull, 2015 NW Aberdeen Classic FB Bull and 2015 Power Bull Grand Champion.

Lucy is a TL Wanamara Vanderbolt daughter. Vanderbolt is the sire of multiple National Champions.

You can't miss with these bloodlines!

Contact Info:

Rick and Shelley Dodd
Topline Aberdeen Cattle Co.
11721 Wagner
Monroe, WA 98272
(206) 459-3778

Full Blood Aberdeens For Sale


Fullblood Females posted: 06/25/2018
Looking to sell my small herd of Registered Full Blood Aberdeen cattle. What I have to offer is 4 cow calf pairs, 1 cow and a proven 3 year old bull. The bull and 3 of the cows are halter broke and real easy to handle. Asking $2250 each for the pairs and $2,250 also for the bull. Great cattle well worth the price. Contact me by email or phone.

Contact Info:

Brian Curry
Green Acres Farms

57025, SD (712) 202-4639
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