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FB Bull with Top Bloodlines

$3500 firm

Fullblood Bulls posted: 10/18/2017
TL Game Day - Fullblood Bull
DOB 3/7/16
Sire: MCR Reloaded
Dam: TL Ta-Da

Tracks straight, great structure with an incredible pedigree.

MCR Reloaded, from the Muddy Creek Ranch program, sire of the 2016 National Grand Champion Female. TL Ta-Da is a daughter of Kobblevale Surprise and full sister to TL Julius.

Excellent price for a bull of this quality.

Contact Info:

Rick and Shelley Dodd
Topline Aberdeen Cattle Co.

Monroe, WA (206) 459-3778

Bred heifers


Purebred Females posted: 10/16/2017
5 bred heifers , 3 black 2 red . Bred for April- May calves. Heifers sired by Burchhill Rocky REG. #FM19600. Nice set of females.Leave message and I will call you back

Contact Info:

Calvin Miller

Topeka, IN 46571 - 9737
(260) 593-3983 Ext. 1

Bred heifers


Purebred Females posted: 10/16/2017
5 Bred heifers 3 black 2 red all are red carriers

Contact Info:

Calvin Miller

Topeka, IN 46571 - 9737
(260) 593-3983 Ext. 1

Fullblood 15 month old cow for sale or trade


Fullblood Females posted: 10/09/2017
For Sale or will trade for like valued female. CCS Bayleigh 25D is a registered fullblood female born 7/18/2016. Registration # is FF30509. Dam is GRASSLINE BARB(FF17882). Sire is BAR J NATEMINE5R41-01T(FM6722).

Contact Info:

Wind Crest Acres Farm
Andreas, PA 18211
(570) 778-4823

Red Fullblood Aberdeen Bull


Fullblood Bulls posted: 10/02/2017
Red Patriot (FM13828) Sired by Lazy G Red Cloud. Has been one of the best herd bulls we have ever had. Will eat treats from your hand. Selling because we are keeping too many of his offspring. A proven bull in his prime. We have used him yearly with large frame red angus and fullblood Aberdeen angus. Visit our website for more information.

Contact Info:

Jason Bagwell
Springs Cattle Farm

Spartanburg, SC (864) 497-2407

Aberdeen Full Bloods & Moderators


Fullblood Females posted: 10/02/2017
MCR Willow FF22417 is a very well put together small framed Aberdeen. - breed for a early April Calf $3000

Anise of Black Bottom (pictured with her 2017 heifer) FF23657 is a great long bodied producer. - breed for a Mid-March Calf $3000

EZ Weezie - XF17074 is a very deep long bodied cow that has never missed for us. - breed for a mid-March Calf - $2500

CQ Jewel - 27190 - purebred wild red carrying cow has a unique pedigree, very quiet easy keeper and has the look. - breed for a March Calf - breed for a mid-March Calf $2500

PJO Okie 1z FM16187 - This guy is very long with a gentle/quiet temperament and he hasn't missed. $3500

2017 Calves will be available after weaning along with a few others cows listed. We can set you up with a nice Aberdeen starter herd, just give us a call. Videos and pictures available upon request.

Contact Info:

Carlena Quinn
Deer Creek Livestock
26 Road 564
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 987-3282

Moderator/Fullblood Females

$1100.00/$1200.00 each

Moderator Females posted: 10/02/2017
Love to keep them all, offering 4 Moderators and 1 Fullblood as follows:
1. Fullblood heifer, black, born 3/13/17 Beautiful, nice and fancy, you'll like her!
Dam- Suzy's Sue FF13727
Sire- HAL Captain Sparrow
2. 3/4 Aberdeen heifer, 1/4 standard Hereford, BWF, born3/9/17
Nice and thick, love to keep her, out of my favorite cow!
Dam- Cherry Lanes Daisy XF7766
Sire- Hal Captain Sparrow FM27993
3. RED!! 1/2 Aberdeen-1/2 Simmental heifer,DC Morgan MF33656
born 11/9/16 Sweet looking and a sweet disposition!
Dam-purebred Simmental
Sire- Hal Captain Sparrow FM27993
$1200 RED!
These last 2 were exposed to our bull in May/June 2017, Hal Captain Sparrow FM27993.
4. 3/4 Aberdeen-1/4 Angus, DC Rosie MF30727 born2/29/16
Dam- SUZ Margarita Rosita XF7733
Sire- RJH Max FM3301
Exposed May/June, 2017 To HAL Captain Sparrow FM27993
Should make a nice, lead cow like her mother.
5. 3/4 Aberdeen-1/4 Standard Hereford cow, DC Nina XF12965
born-4/7/10 black,small patch of white on her udder, otherwise looks and built like a fullblood cow.
Any cows that do not sell soon will be sent to the Mid Ohio Exotic Sale at Mt Hope Auction on November 3,4, 2017. The cattle will sell on the 4th. Give me a call,I can send pictures of individuals, or come take a look, you will like them! Please no text, I am not Amazon, just a small farmer. If I don't answer please leave a message with a time to call you back. I try to check email but forget sometimes.
Chad Barger
DC Cattle

Contact Info:

Chadwick Barger Jr
DC Cattle
1730 Weaver St SW
Canton, OH 44706 - 4550
(330) 705-4451

Herd Reduction Needed !!


Fullblood Females posted: 09/28/2017
Must sell....Herd Reduction. Fullblood and percentage cows and heifers. Yearlings bred to Red Aberdeen bull.
Prices reasonable and negotiable.
Further information available at 308-529-2771.

Contact Info:

Ed Kinish
Prime Cut Lowlines (Aberdeens)
209 South Locust Street
BRADY, NE 69123
(308) 529-2771

Quality & Confidence Sale


Events posted: 09/26/2017
Online and Private Treaty Sale
-Largest Offering of Quality Females Ever
-Rare Genetics Not Widely Available
-Donors from the Heart of the Heard

Sale - October 16, 2017
Open House October - 13-14, 2017

See our website for Online Sale Catalog

Contact Info:

David and Karen Shockey

101 Muddy Creek Rd.
Wilsall, MT (406) 600-7079



Moderator Bulls posted: 09/26/2017
AD Enzo MM33251 Moderator Plus/DOB 03/28/17

You do not see a prospect herd sire like this everyday. Best thing is that he is not only a looker........he has the personality to match. You can pet him from head to hoof.

His sire is a brangus bull that is easy to work with, takes cubes from your hand, not a fence jumper, easy with the ladies.....everything you would want in a bull.

His dam is a british white (park)/Aberdeen cross (50%/50%). Gorgeous with a wonderful personality. She lets you pet her anywhere and the last 2 years she has taken on an extra calf with her own at side. Everything you would want in a dam.

Must go to a good home. Have had lots of calves and this is a special one.

Additional photos of Enzo and dam/sire if desired.

He is located near Brenham, TX.

Contact Info:

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Austin, TX 78612
(512) 565-4095

Herd Sell Out


Purebred Females posted: 09/26/2017
Unfortunate life changes - 17 Purebred (>7/8%) females 2-9 years, 13 Fullblood females 2-8 years old, old all bred to High Point Revelation for spring early summer '18 calving; 25- 2017 fullblood/ purebred calves sired by High Point Revelation, Ardrossan Jamberoo (AI), and Wanamara Findon Royale(AI), born Feb-June; 8 bulls born 2016, 1 bull born 2015; need to send all to new home, easy to handle, good bloodlines, nice group of cattle, call, text, or email and make an offer.

Contact Info:

Joe & JoDee Pace
J Lazy j Livestock
1365 19 Road; P.O. Box 301
Fruita, CO 81521 - 0301
(970) 241-8911

Herd Sell Out


Fullblood Females posted: 09/26/2017
Unfortunate life changes - 13 Fullblood females 2-8 years old, 17 Purebred (>7/8%) females 2-9 years old all bred to High Point Revelation for spring early summer '18 calving; 25- 2017 fullblood/ purebred calves sired by High Point Revelation, Ardrossan Jamberoo (AI), and Wanamara Findon Royale(AI), born Feb-June; 8 bulls born 2016, 1 bull born 2015; need to send all to new home, easy to handle, good bloodlines, nice group of cattle, call, text, or email and make an offer.

Contact Info:

Joe & JoDee Pace
J Lazy j Livestock
1365 19 Road; P.O. Box 301
Fruita, CO 81521 - 0301
(970) 241-8911

Moderator bulls


Moderator Bulls posted: 09/23/2017
Moderator bulls from our registered Angus tested clear for any genetic deficiency markers. Bulls with lineage from SAV Pioneer, SAV Momentum, and Final Answer.

Contact Info:

Bob Coward
BC Lowlines

Hartwell, GA 30643
(678) 663-3853

Moderator females


Moderator Females posted: 09/23/2017
Multiple moderator and percentage females, some with calves at side, bred back and weaned stock. Package herds available with fullbood or percentage bulls.

Contact Info:

Bob Coward
Bc Lowlines

Hartwell, GA 30643
(678) 663-3853

Fullbloods, Cow/calf, bred back


Fullblood Females posted: 09/23/2017
Multiple fullbloods, some with calves at side, bred back and weaned stock. Package herds available with fullbood or percentage bulls.

Contact Info:

Bob Coward
BC Lowlines

Hartwell, GA 30643
(678) 663-3853

Red Moderator


Moderator Bulls posted: 09/18/2017
DOB March 1, 2016. This guy has RKR Smokey Mountain Awesome and RKR Holiday as a grandfathers. He is docile and thick. All grass-fed. He is not registered, but could be.

Contact Info:

David Manning
Riverview Farms
47 Jefferson St
Tidioute, PA 16351 - PA
(814) 730-8836



Fullblood Bulls posted: 09/16/2017

1. Jackaroo's Royal Ryder - FM24795 - 06/04/14 - $5000
Bull out of highly sought after Jackaroo bloodline with incredible bloodlines throughout his pedigree. Great temperament. Will take cubes from your hand. Let's you brush him when laying down. Easy with the ladies. Tag #10 Yellow.
2. Kerr Creek Cosmo – FM29386 – 12/03/15 – REDUCED - $1000 Priced lower due to smaller frame. Perfect for very small females. Out of a red bull. He is black. Tag #18 White
3. AD Dante – FM31463 – 06/08/16 – $2250
Above average quality and good disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #2 Orange
4. AD Dominic – FM31468 – 08/01/16 – $1500
Good disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #5 Orange
5. AD Deacon - FM33245 – 12/21/16 – $1750
Really nice quality and disposition. Out of red bull. He is black. Tag #13 Orange
6. Kerr Creek Enoch - FM32521 - 01/04/17 - $1750
Really nice quality. Tag #1 Red
7. AD Edison - FM33249 - 03/10/17 - $1500
Young black bull with Jackaroo in bloodline. Tag #5 Red.
8. AD Easton - FM33250 - 03/11/17 - $1500
Young black bull with Jackaroo in bloodline. Tag #6 Red.

Cattle are located near Brenham, TX. Email, text, or call with any questions.

Contact Info:

Amy Krause
279 River Oaks Drive
Cedar Creek, TX 78612
(512) 565-4095

3-Pack FB Bull, FB Bred Heifer, PB Bred Heifer


Fullblood Females posted: 09/11/2017
2 Year old Fullbood Bull, Bred Fullblood Heifer, Bred Purebred Heifer offered as a package deal. Heifers LFL Layla(foreground), LFL Misty(Background), are bred to LFL Axe T-4 (Middle). Exposed on 6/19/17 and expect April calves in 2018. Also have 2 sets of purebred 2nd year cows with calves at their side bred back to SFR Turbo for $3000 each.

Contact Info:

Kevin & Ruth Litchfield
Litchfield Family Lowlines
2055 195th Street
Boone, IA 50036 - Iowa
(515) 290-8129

Grass-fed Beef for Sale

$4.25 per pound, hanging weight

Aberdeen Beef for Sale: Grassfed posted: 09/04/2017
Mohican Valley Farms, LLC specializing in 100% registered full blood American Aberdeen (Angus) beef.

All grass fed, all of the time, from start to finish that is free of hormones and antibiotics. Our Aberdeens enjoy the outside sunshine and fresh air as much as they want. No feed lots or confinement. This is great tasting, healthy beef and at less cost than from the grocery store.

We are expecting our fall harvest of steers will average around 400 Lbs (hanging weight) each and selling by the half or whole at $4.25 per pound, plus processing.

Please see our web site for more details.

Contact Info:

Lon Thompson
Mohican Valley Farms, LLC
21897 Ravin Rd
Danville, OH 43014
(740) 404-2350

Original Scottish Angus Embryos

$600 each

Embryos and Semen posted: 09/01/2017
Be part of the restoration of a grand old breed. These are Pure Scottish Angus Embryos (Native Origin Angus). The original bloodlines of the Aberdeen Angus have nearly gone extinct and have been reduced to only a few remaining bloodlines, that have not been genetically altered.

We offer thanks to a modern day Scottish breeder Mr. Geordie Soutar and his family at Kingston Farm in Angus, Scotland for rediscovering and recovering what has been described as nine of the last pure cow family lines in Scotland.

You don’t have to fly to Kingston Farm in Scotland to get your embryos or bid in this Summer's international auction against hundreds of participants. These embryos are available here and are pure straight Native Origin Angus breeding with Kingston Farm’s Dunlouise Breeding on both sides of the pedigree.

Contact Info:

Gary Daugherty
700 Daugherty Road
Gatesville, TX 76528 - 4508
(254) 205-0554

Excellent Moderator Plus Bull


Moderator Bulls posted: 09/01/2017
Lyle was born March 28, 2016, and is quite the bull! He is a 3/4-blood sired by Lisbon (reg 1756)and out of 3B Iris Primestar (reg 10497), a moderator cow that goes back to Beau Lad and Glen Innes E361.

Strictly grass-developed. Has never tasted grain.

Docile and easy to handle.

Big enough to breed full size heifers and moderate full size cows.

Will be tested for semen quality and breeding soundness before delivery. Will also be registered and transferred to buyer at time of sale.

More pictures available and can even do a video if interested.

Located in western Colorado, 70 miles south of Grand Junction.

Contact Info:

Jeramie & Randi Miller
Cow Cow Ranch
34179 Owl Ln
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
(970) 589-5158

Entire Herd Sellout


Moderator Females posted: 09/01/2017
Selling entire herd. 9 young bred moderator cows, 2 bred fullblood cows, 3 open yearling heifers, 3 spring 2016 heifer calves, and nice young moderator bull. These are nice young cows I just don't have enough time for them and the kids right now. This is a super deal on the herd, $20,000 for all 18 head. I would consider separating them out. Call or text for more information. 405-550-6365

Contact Info:

jonathan wilk

P.O. BOX 83
washington, OK 73093 - 083
(405) 550-6365

Bred Cows in Kentucky


Purebred Females posted: 08/22/2017
We are selling 2 Purebred Females that are bred to Murrumbong LGL Bluey! Golda (PF23493) is due 9/27/17 and Mattie (PF23495) is due 3/10/18. They are very nice cows we would love to keep, but space is an issue.

Contact Info:

Jimmy Hepner
Covered Pines Cattle Company
2903 Hamlin Chapel Rd.
Beaver Dam, KY 42320
(270) 256-2697

5 Year Old Fullblood Herd Sire


Fullblood Bulls posted: 08/22/2017
We are pleased to offer our 5 year old herd sire CS Knight Rider (FM17538) for sale. Rider is an excellent and reliable breeder and has consistently given us wonderful offspring. He is extremely docile and easy to manage and he maintains well on pasture or hay. He is not a large bull however he has easily bred all of our commercial cattle including our largest Brahman cross cow.

**Year after year, 2 out of 3 of his calves have been female**

We will be very sad to see Rider go however we have kept many of his daughters and it is now time for us to introduce new bloodlines into our herd.

Contact Info:

Caryn Poulton
Black Bull Ranch

Masaryktown, FL 34604
(727) 504-5541



Wanted posted: 08/18/2017
moderator bull able to use next spring on angus cows and moderater heifers

Contact Info:

Daris Moxley
589 Brockman Lane
Bishop, CA 93514 - CA
(760) 873-3478

Great lowline/Angus Bull for sale


Moderator Bulls posted: 08/18/2017
This 50% American Aberdeen/50% commercial Angus registered polled bull is 3 years old and we've used him for 2 years and kept a number of females from him. He is a little over 54 inches at the shoulder and capable of breeding full size Angus or shorthorn cattle. He weighs approximately 1500 lbs, travels well, and has a great easy-going personality (you can move him with a stick). Average birth weight of his calves has been 55 lbs. He would be a great addition to any herd.

Contact Info:

Phill Carter
PRC Farms
P. O. Box 592, 4747 Rutters Drive
Laporte, CO 80535
(970) 219-3958
http://www.Lowline Registry

Fullblood & Moderator bred cows


Fullblood Females posted: 08/13/2017
We are in the process of down sizing our herd to better manage our pastures and are letting go of some very productive females, both full-bloods and moderators. Some of these cows are being sold with heifer calves on their sides and bred back or currently exposed to our herd bulls. They have many productive years ahead of them. This is a great opportunity to start your grass fed genetic herd. We also have American Aberdeen bulls for sale.

Contact Info:

Randy Prosise
Rainy Knob Ranch

Loudon, TN 37774
(865) 216-2549

Fullblood Cows and/or Heifers For Sale


Fullblood Females posted: 08/10/2017
Registered Fullblood Cows and/or Heifers for sale. Age ranging from 6 - 36 months. Small herd has grown too large. Easy keepers, all grass fed with outstanding weight gain and maintenance.

Contact Info:

Vondia Williams
5309 Fangra Ct.
Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 230-9278

Fullblood Cows & Heifers

$1750 & up

Fullblood Females posted: 08/05/2017
Fullblood heifer calves, bred cows, and cow/calf pairs for sale. Three calves born March & April out of Encore, Sultan, and Odysseus. Red Heifer, WBA Kara (FF31442), bred to Red Rewind. Cows out of Boxcar, Bar J Beauford, KBW Achilles (Double J's The Brick son) and J&K Doctor Love (Doc Holliday son). They have been bred to Encore, Red Rewind, Sultan, and pasture exposed to WBA Red Rush (FM31443).

Contact me for more information.

Contact Info:

Arthur Stoller
A&W Cattle
PO Box 74
Haviland, OH 45851 -
(419) 576-0811

18 month old moderator bulls for sell


Moderator Bulls posted: 08/02/2017
Virgin year and half year old registered Aberdeen Angus bulls. They are guaranteed heifer bulls!

JWO Jack on the Rocks was born Feb 2, 2016 is 13/16ths Aberdeen Angus. He had a 73lb birth weight and a weaning weight of 601. His mother at weaning weighed 1020 lbs, so her calf was 60% of her weight. We showed them at the Nile and they took reserve champion moderator cow/ calf pair. From there he went to a the WSLA Bull Test in Colorado.

JWO Jack MC Off was born March 3, 2016 is a 5/8ths Aberdeen Angus. He had a 72lb birth weight and a weaning weight of 560. He also attended the WSLA Bull Test in Colorado. He placed fourth overall and won the carcass ultra sound. This test was done on grass roughage with no additional feed in drought conditions. Both bulls gained 2lbs a day

Contact Info:

John Olson
lazy J Bar O Aberdeen Angus
p.o. box 424
broadus, MT 59317
(406) 853-6448

Percentage Aberdeen Females

$1500 to $1300 and Negotiable with 3 or all 6

Moderator Females posted: 07/31/2017
75% Female, Date of Birth 2/4/2016
75% Female, Date of Birth 1/1/2017
75% Female, Date of Birth 4/21/2016
87% Female, Date of Birth 8/3/2015
87% Female, Date of Birth 7/10/2016
94% Female, Date of Birth 1/8/2017

Contact Info:

Jeffrey Segroves
Southern Hearts Ranch
18180 Tillman Mill Road
Athens, AL 35614
(770) 654-9115

10 head of moderators heifer calfs

1200 to 1600.

Moderator Females posted: 07/24/2017
I have 10 head of moderator heifer calfs for sell asking 1200to 1600. Most of them are 3/4 and hire. Born from Feb to March out of a Muddy creek bull called Stars and Bars. Registrations pending. Like to sell private treaty to nice a calls to take to the sell barn. Call John Olson @ (406) 853- 6448 if you have any questions. Plan on weaning the 1st of October

Contact Info:

John Olson
Lazy J Bar O Aberdeen Aungus
P.o. box 424 Broadus
Broadus, MT 59317
(406) 853-6448

Heifers for Sale


Moderator Females posted: 07/20/2017
Heifers for Sale (Left to Right in photo)
50% LL 50% Hereford 7/14/16 $1200.00
87% LL 12.5% Saler 5/16/16 $1700.00
75% LL 25% Angus 3/15/16 $1700.00
75% LL 25% Angus 2/18/16 $1700.00 All: $6,000.00
All vaccinated and tattooed

Graham Valley Lowlines
Versailles, IN 47042 812-621-0202 helennaugust@me.com

Contact Info:

Robert Strubbe
Graham Valley Lowlines
Versailles, IN 47042
(812) 621-0202

Herd Reduction


Fullblood Females posted: 06/09/2017
Health issues force a reduction in our herd. We have purebred and fullblood females and bulls for sale at resonable prices. Lines include Doc Holliday,Sharidon's Wanderer,Quartermaster,and Kryptonite. We have open heifers, bred cows and cows with calves at their sides

Contact Info:

Don Hamilton
North Fork Farms
830 283rd Street
Viola, IL 61486
(309) 596-2217

Owner, Reflections


Fullblood Bulls posted: 05/13/2017
Registered Aberdeen bull. Gental disposition. DOB 4/15/2014

Contact Info:

Patricia Carvajal
Reflections Ranch
5727 CR 210
Bertram, TX 78605 - 3644
(512) 913-0329
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