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How to Register Cattle

For questions related to your DNA blood sampling results:
Call Geneseek at 402-435-0665 or email Igenity.support@neogen.com
To order sample cards: 402-435-0665 or email Igenity.support@neogen.com

For questions related to registrations (not DNA blood/hair sampling):
Call the American Aberdeen Association office at 303-840-4343 or email info@americanaberdeen.com


• Fullblood registrations
• Moderator/Purebred bulls used artificially (A.I.) must be verified to American Aberdeen portion of pedigree.
• Moderator/Purebred females who will be flushed must have DNA type on file – parent verification not required.
• Parentage Verification is not necessary for the registration of Moderator/Purebred animals.
(See Rule III number 6 under Standards for Registration)


1. Get a DNA kit from Geneseek. Fullbloods must be parent verified. Moderator cattle only need to be parent verified IF they meet the qualifications above.
To order a kit: call 402-435-0665 or email Igenity.support@neogen.com.

2. Once you have received your DNA kit, obtain a blood sample or hair sample.

For cattle over 6 months, Geneseek requires a hair sample.
For cattle under 6 months, Geneseek requires a blood sample.
For info on how to obtain hair, blood or semen samples, see the article Sample Collection and Shipping Instructions

3. Fill out the Cattle Testing Submission Form.

You received one with your DNA kit or you can download the Cattle Testing Submission Form

4. Send the Cattle Testing Submission Form, the blood/hair sample and payment to Geneseek.

Geneseek offers 3 options for receiving your results: email, fax or regular mail. Please be sure to indicate your preference on the submission form.

Once you receive the DNA Parentage Report from Geneseek showing qualification of the sire, dam and mating combination, you are ready to apply for registration.
See a Sample DNA Parentage Report Here

*If the sire, dam or the mating combination is disqualified, you will need to refer to your herd records and contact Geneseek with updated information to achieve a qualification.

5. Register your cattle.
In order to apply for registration, you will need the following:
a. Your animal’s tattoo numbers. For more info please see the article Guidelines for Tattoo Requirements

If you DNA Parent Verified your cattle, you will also need:
b. the barcode from the Geneseek DNA Parentage Report
c. a copy of the Geneseek DNA Parentage Report either saved to your computer or printed out.

6. You may apply for cattle registration either online or through US mail.
• To apply for cattle registration online:

Click “online version” and fill out the form. Online applications are processed with credit cards only.

If you DNA Parent Verified your cattle – During the application process you will need to upload your Geneseek DNA Parentage Report with the application for registration OR you may email your Geneseek DNA Parentage Report to cattleregistration@americanaberdeen.com at the time you apply for registration online.

See a Sample DNA Parentage Report Here

Note: If your registration requires a certificate of embryo recovery (embryo transfer calves), it is recommended that you submit your application via the mail and include all documents with your application.

• To apply for cattle registration through the US mail:
Download the Single Animal Registration form. Fill out the form and send with a check and the Geneseek DNA report to the American Aberdeen Association office.

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