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How to Use AI Certificates

to Record AI Sire (pdf)
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AI Certificate (pdf)
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Steps to request an A.I. Certificate:

1. Make sure your bull has an A.I. Permit on File

Complete the  Application to Record AI Sire and send with the appropriate fee to the American Aberdeen Association.

2. Request the A.I. Certificate

Once the sire has an A.I. Permit, the authorized semen signers can request “paperless” A.I. certificates through the American Aberdeen Association® for specific American Aberdeen producers. The request can be made by using the AI_Certificate_Request form. This form can be mailed or emailed to the AAA office.

Producers also have the opportunity to phone in A.I. Certificate requests.

3. Provide sire, quantity, breed percentage and member information for certificate request.

When making the request for A. I. Certificates, members will need to provide the name and registration number of the bull. Also, the registry office will need to know if the A.I. Certificates are for Fullblood or Moderator® animals. If A.I. Certificate approval is given only for a Moderator animal the registry office will not be able to register any Fullblood animals with the given A.I. Certificate. Quantity of A.I. Certificates, in addition to the name of the member, will also need to be provided.

4. A.I. Certificate is now stored in registry office for specific breeder

Once the request is in the office, the A.I. Certificates are stored in the member account the certificates were issued to. For example, If Jim Brown released 1 Fullblood A.I. Certificate on Generic Bull Bill with a registration number of FM82 to member # 85 – ABC Cattle, that A.I. Certificate would sit in the registry account for member number 85 until a Fullblood animal was submitted for registration sired by bull FM 82 for member number 85 – ABC Cattle. At that time, the system would search for the A.I. Certificate on file and use it to register the resulting calf.

Trouble Shooting
Common errors producers make in reference to A.I. Certificates

1. Make sure your sire has an A.I. permit on file.

2. Completely list all necessary information.

Sire Name
Sire Registration Number
A.I. Certificate Quantity
Request for Fullblood or Moderator cattle
Name of Member needing A.I. Certificates

What if an animal is already pending in the American Aberdeen Association office for an A.I. Certificate?

If an animal was pending for an A.I. Certificate before the A.I. Certificate request was made the producer will need to contact the American Aberdeen Association office and let them know an A.I. Certificate request has or will be coming. After the certificate is issued it will be applied to the requested progeny

Will paper A.I. Certificates continue to be issued?

No. All A.I. Certificates will be issued and stored at the American Aberdeen Association office.

How many A.I. Certificates should I request as the bull owner?

A.I. Certificates should only be requested for the specific producer in specific quantity needed to register current cattle for either Fullblood or Moderator animals. For example A.I. Certificates will no longer be issued in the name of the bull owner in large quantities.