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Aberdeen Premium Beef

The American Aberdeen Association® is pleased to announce an exciting new program to help extend and capture the value of Aberdeen-bred feeder cattle—Aberdeen Premium Beef.

In partnership with IMI Global, this new age and source verification program will help seedstock and commercial cattlemen document and encourage the use of Aberdeen genetics. IMI Global will verify calves that are sired by registered Full Blood, Moderator or Aberdeen Plus bulls that have DNA samples on file with the American Aberdeen Association.

For seedstock producers, this is an opportunity to continue to expand the value and influence of American Aberdeen genetics in the commercial marketplace. American Aberdeens check all the boxes for both the large-scale rancher and small-acreage farmer—easy-calving, good natured, low maintenance, and feed efficient with excellent taste, texture and tenderness characteristics. Aberdeens also attract grass-fed and feedlot buyers with their ability to quickly finish with exceptional ribeye area per hundred pounds of body weight—translating to high yielding, high quality, high value beef carcasses.

The American Aberdeen Association is excited about this new opportunity and its potential long-term impact to help it members and the breed. An application form and cost information is currently available for download. Breeders wishing to participate will need to submit DNA samples, complete registrations for bulls being marketed as sires eligible for the Aberdeen Premium Beef program.

For more information, call IMI Global 866-395-5883 or email info@imiglobal.com

View Additional Information at IMI Website

Download IMI Aberdeen Premium Beef Application