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Breeder Services Committee News

The Breeders Services Committee was originally set up to help breeders with marketing. Initially it was aimed at helping smaller breeders develop beef marketing strategies for their home raised beef.

At the annual meeting in Denver it was suggested that the role of the committee could be expanded to cover a wide range of breeder (member) services. Several of the following suggestions for expanded services were made:

  • Tattoo lessons and herd identification techniques
  • How to fill out an registration application (online and on paper)
  • DNA collection methods and understanding parentage verification
  • Understanding AI certificates, lease agreements and other useful AAA documents
  • How to use the search engine on the AAA website
  • How to download and print brochures from the AAA website
  • How to keep accurate breeding records
  • How to accurately collect and record performance data and submit it to the association
  •  Photo taking and uploading skills
  • Understanding Veterinary terms, interstate health paper requirements, developing a annual herd health and vaccination protocol
  • Custom fitting demonstration
  • How to properly submit a consignment form to a sale

This committee has a diverse amount of knowledge and expertise in the cattle industry and we are up for the challenge. We are looking to have the first meeting to discuss the roles and expectations of the committee on Feb. 12th or 13th. If any members have any suggestions that should come up for discussion at this meeting please contact:David Shockey: dshockey44@live.com or Neil Effertz: neileffertz@gmail.com so they can be added to the agenda.

Thank you,
Neil Effertz

Breeder Services Committee Members

David Shockey,  Co-Chairman
Neil Effertz, Co-Chairman
Wade Coffey
Gary Gilbert
Dean Pike
Dr. F.D. McCarthy
Todd Bohlmeyer
Nick Wells
Rick Lloyd
Mark Gilles
Leslie Boyles
Chris Payne
Chet Burroughs

Registration Process Subcommittee

Janis Black
Todd Bohlmeyer
Jan Effertz

How to Video/Regional Work Shops Subcommittee

Wade Coffey
Neil Effertz
Dean Pike

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