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Jr Board & Royalty


2015 ALJA Board 2015-2016 ALJA Board Members (left to right)
Wade Coffey (Advisor), Courteney Walker, Molly Hougham, Zoe Walker, Maggie Isgren, Logan Litchfield, Brice Hanlon, Dana Dodd, Dean Pike (Advisor)








2015 ALJA Royalty

2015-2016 Royalty (left to right)

Queen – Brooke Hanlon
Princess – Laramie Coffey




Interested in serving on the Jr Board or Royalty?
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2015-2016 ALJA BOARD

  • CourteneyCourteney Walker (President)
    Roswell, NM

    Hey everyone! My name is Courteney Walker and I currently rein as the 2015-2016 ALJA President. I am 18 years old and will be a freshman at Clarendon College where I will be majoring in Animal Science. I will also be judging meats and livestock for Clarendon for the next two years. While in high school I was involved in many organizations such as 4-H, FFA, Assisteens, and volleyball. I have been around cattle my whole entire life! My very first stock show was at National Western Stock Show at two months old. My family has raised many breeds of cattle including Maine Anjous, Simmentals, American Aberdeen, and crosses on our Farm in Roswell, NM. We started to raise and show American Aberdeen cattle my freshman year of high school. My very first year of owning American Aberdeens, I was elected onto the American Aberdeen Junior Association with a four year term. Along with showing cattle I have also shown goats, pigs, sheep, and dairy heifers. I hope to make this one year another great one!

  • MollyMolly Hougham (Vice President)
    Edgewood, IL

    Hi guys! My name is Molly Hougham. I am the 20 year old daughter of Matt and Ann Robinson and Bill and Jessica Hougham and currently live in Edgewood, IL. I am currently in my second year at Lakeland Community College pursuing a career in nursing. I live on our family farm where we raise primarily shorthorn and American Aberdeen cattle. This is my second year on the board and am currently serving as Vice President!

  • MaggieMaggie Isgren (Secretary)
    Houston, TX

    Hello I am Maggie Isgren I am 18 years old and originally from Houston, Texas but I am now a freshman at Mississippi State University. I am currently studying animal and dairy science to hopefully become a large animal vet. I started showing my freshman year with a market goat for my school district show, then I began showing Red Brangus cattle my sophomore year. All of high school I raised goats for my school district show as well as my county show. At the end of my junior year in high school I got my first American Aberdeen heifer and fell in love with the breed. I wanted to be more involved so this year I ran for the board and was elected as the Secretary. I am so excited to serve this year and cannot wait to see what this year holds for our organization.

  • BriceBrice Hanlon (Treasurer)
    Strasburg, CO

    Hello my name is Brice Hanlon I am your 2015 – 2016 treasurer. This will be my third year on the board. My family lives on a farm and ranch in Strasburg, Colorado which has been in the family for four generations. We have be active in showing Cross Bred cattle for forty one years. Eight years ago we began to use American Aberdeen cattle on our first calf heifers, and that is when we began to show Aberdeens along with our cross breed cattle. I will be senior at Byers High School where I am an active member in FFA and serve as the Vice President of my chapter. My current plans are to continue my education at LCCC college in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I plan on studying Farm and Ranch Management. I hope to see everyone at up coming shows.

  • ZoeZoe Walker (Reporter)
    Roswell, NM

    Hi everyone! I’m Zoë Walker I am serving as your 2015-2016 AAJA Reporter. I have also served as the 2013-2014 American Aberdeen Princess. This year at Junior Nationals I had the opportunity to be a bigger advocate for the American Aberdeen breed by running for  the American Aberdeen Junior Association Board of Directors. I was elected to serve a two year term. I am 16 years old and will be a junior at Goddard High School in Roswell, NM. I am involved in 4-H, FFA, Assisteens and Volleyball. I was also a competitive gymnast for 14 years until a recent injury kept me away for over a year now. I currently serve as our District V Treasure and Goddard FFA Sentinel. I also judge Vet Science and Livestock for FFA and Livestock and Livestock Skill-a-thon for 4-H. I have been around cattle my whole life and have raised various breeds. I currently show Breeding Heifers, Market Steers, Market Hogs, Market Goats, Market Lambs, and Dairy Heifers. I hope to make this year a memorable one!

  • DaynaDayna Dodd (Historian)
    Iowa Falls, IA

    Dayna Dodd is the daughter of Doug and Jen Dodd. Dayna is a sophomore in high school, in Iowa Falls, Iowa. She enjoys livestock judging, being involved in the local FFA, spending time with her sister, Darby, & traveling when time permits. Dayna has been an AAJA member since 2006 and has been on the board of directors since the fall of 2012. Dayna’s future plans include going to Iowa State University and majoring in agriculture education.

  • LoganLogan Litchfield (Director)
    Boone, IA

    My name is Logan Litchfield. I am 15 years old and I live on a small farm in Boone, Iowa. Even though I live in Boone, I actually go to school in a small town called Gilbert that is 15 miles to the east of Boone, where I play football, basketball, and run track. My dad and I have been in the cattle business for 7 years now. It all started when I asked my dad if we could get cows when I was 8 years old. Luckily, he said yes. We have only ever raised and shown American Aberdeen cattle, but have been kept busy and have had lots of fun while meeting new people.

2015-2016 ALJA ROYALTY

  • Brooke2Brooke Hanlon (Queen)
    Strasburg, CO

    My name is Brooke Hanlon. I’m 20 years old, and I am your 2015-2016 American Aberdeen Queen. It is nothing short of a blessing! I want to tell you a little about myself. I am currently attending Northeastern Junior College in Sterling Colorado and in December 2015 I will graduate with my Associates Degree. Next I will attend Adams State University in Alamosa Colorado, studying Elementary Education. I adore children! I grew up on a working farm and ranch in Strasburg Colorado where my family and I raise and show club calves as well as commercial cattle. We have been involved with American Aberdeen cattle for about five years now. Having fun and playing around with some breeding, it now seems that no matter what show my brother and I haul to we always take a few Aberdeen cattle with us. Along with my passion for showing and cattle, I show horses and rodeo. I’m also an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. I hope to meet and see you all real soon. Best regards Brooke Hanlon

  • Laramie Coffey (Princess)
    Morrison, OK

    Laramie Coffey is the 2015-16 American Aberdeen Princess. She is 13 and in 8th grade at Morrison Junior High, Morrison Oklahoma. There she is a cheerleader and active in 4Hand FFA. She has been showing cattle since she was 9 and started showing American Aberdeen cattle in 2012. Laramie is a SLABA Vice President. She loves to read, paint and draw.She enjoys going to shows and representing the AAJA.

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