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The Interplay of Frame Size and Production Efficiency– By Lauren L. Hulsman Hanna, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Michaella A. Fevold, Student; and Robert J. Maddock, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, North Dakota State University

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First Cow Efficiency Congress Relays Research to Producer Profitability – October 23, 2017

Aberdeen Cattle Offer Profitable Alternative to Cattle Industry – August 23, 2017

Lowline Breeders Change Name to Aberdeen – July 3, 2017



The Dickinson Research Center has been studying their herd of Moderator females for years. The Congress focused on signals to pay attention to when striving to become more efficient and attempting to return more net revenue to the ranch in a beef cattle enterprise. Animal scientists from several notable universities and research facilities made presentations.

PDF Slide Presentations:
Genetic Selection for Cow Efficiency: What is the Next Step? by Lauren L.Hulsman Hanna, PhD, NDSU

Developing a Cow Herd that Fits Your Ranch Environment by David Lalman, Professor and Extension Beef Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Soil – A Source of Life: Our Responsibility by Dr. Songul Senturklu and Doug Landbolm, NDSU

Providing Adequate Late Season Crude Protein with Pasture Grasses by Llewellyn Manske, Ph.D., NDSU-DREC

Nutritional Effects of Frame Size on Efficiency and Longevity of Beef Cows by Kendall Swanson, Professor, Animal Science Department NDSU

A Discussion on Cattle Size by Kris Ringwall Ph.D, Extension Beef Specialist NDSU

Impact of Production Scheme and Frame Size on Carcass Traits by Robert Madock Ph.D.

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